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Why Hire a Tax Attorney?

Tax Attorneys are experienced in tax law and have the expertise to defend you from numerous IRS and State Tax Authority actions. Communications to an attorney are confidential and privileged which is very crucial in tax cases. Communications to accountants and enrolled agents are not similarly privileged.

One instance in which a tax attorney is your best option is if you have not kept your tax payments up-to-date. Personal problems, business upheavals, and other factors occasionally figure into many people not paying or filing their taxes on time. Tax issues can also be a problem for those who have recently changed their filing status, or for those who are dealing with business taxes.

If you owe back taxes, a tax attorney can help you. This kind of help does not relieve you of your financial obligations; instead, it makes your obligations clear to you, and gives you the information you need to meet your obligations. A tax attorney can help you with the necessary paperwork, figuring how much tax and possible penalty fees you owe, and the most reasonable method and schedule for making your payments.

A tax attorney can also help if there has been a discrepancy with various aspects of your taxes. For example, if your tax return was not completed correctly, resulting in overpayments or making a smaller payment than you should have made, a tax attorney can assist in determining what the true tax liabilities are.

How do you chose a tax attorney? The best way is to find an attorney who has been recommended by a previous client and was completely satisfied with the full scope of his services, this is a good sign that you are dealing with an experienced, qualified professional. Steve has numerous references for his business as a tax attorney. Over 50 percent of his business is through referrals coupled with his over 15 years of experience in tax law.



Michael Hamalak
Vice President, The Strand Group, Inc.

Steve Vasquez is a great TAX Attorney.

He provides great advice and is always on top of my tax issues. I've been working with Steve for the last several years, and it has always been a terrific experience. He is consistently very responsive on getting back to me regarding any questions or concerns that I ask him, even during the busiest time of the tax season.

He is extremely knowledgeable on complex tax situations, including different types of UPS stock options and UPS employee stock purchase plans. I had some company UPS stock shares that I purchased over 15 years ago, but only just sold recently, with both multiple stock splits as well as company acquisitions over those 15 years for those same shares. But Steve was still able to figure out how to handle the stock sale for my tax returns.

Steve is also very savvy on how to handle the short sale of homes. For my recent short sale, not only was he able to avoid myself paying taxes on the sale, but he even was able to get me a tax refund instead, on top of that!

So incredibly impressive, which I never would have expected! Keep up the great work, Steve!

Very impressive and I will always highly recommend you to my friends and colleagues!

Andrew E. Madden 

A.M. Marine Surveys LLC

I am a small business owner & Steve was personally recommended to me by a close friend. I have thanked my friend a number of times now for his recommendation!! My challenge was to find an accountant who would work with my company not only to file tax returns but to offer sound business advice for longer term financial planning. Steve has exceeded my expectatons & I would highly recommend his portfolio of financial services to any individual or business organization.


Paul Silvi
Senior Account Analyst

Steve has always done a great job with my taxes. Even though I live out of state, I still use him as my tax attorney. He is very reliable and knowledgable.

Frank Paul Sickle                                                                                                                             President at Sick Media | Digital Marketing Consulting | Content Marketing | Social Media | SSL Marketing

I've worked with Steve on both my personnel and business taxes for a number of years and have always been extremely impressed on how he not only makes the process painless, he is able to think outside the box which has helped me maximize my returns as well.
What also makes Steve's service unique is his ability to seamlessly integrate his law background to assist in my business accounting needs which was pivotal in steering me to the right direction regarding my past businesses.
If you are looking for an easy to work with, effective, corporate or private Tax consultant/Tax Law professional, you couldn’t' find someone more professional and trustworthy as Steve.


Angela Grant
Owner at Cali Ten

He is the best accountant I've ever worked with. He is very knowledgeable and I trust that my business taxes are done properly every time. I would highly recommend him for all your business or personal tax needs.


Don Peltier
Regional Director of Operations, West Coast at Direct Chassislink, Inc (DCLI)

I first hired Steve nearly 10 years ago. As a Tax man he is far and away above the rest. He is detail minded, he knows the law, he places you first and he talks with you - not at you. I have also used the Law offices of Luis (Steve) Vasquez. No where will you find a man who knows the law better then Steve. No where will you find an attorney who places your needs and your best interest absoutely above all else. I HIGHLY recommend Steve for any Tax or legal needs you may have.

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